About Us

Bitcoin Era offers beginner traders the opportunity to build wealth through crypto trading. We are a top-rated resource for crypto trading research.

The Bitcoin Era brand is associated with the world’s top ten crypto trading tools. These tools have helped thousands of traders generate the best returns in all markets. Our tools help you build strategies to trade both the rise and fall of bitcoin.

The fall is traded through short-selling strategies. Bitcoin Era has earned itself a name for trading falling crypto prices profitably. We update our trading tools regularly to keep up with the rapidly changing crypto markets.

Bitcoin Era is registered as a privately owned company. We are licensed to operate in the EU and Australia. The Bitcoin Era trading software is available in over 120 countries globally. We have partnered with leading international brokers to access these markets.

Our Team

The Bitcoin Era development team includes highly experienced traders, quants, and trading software developers.

We are adding new talent to our team. Our priority is traders with years of experience building algorithmic trading systems. We are also interested in software engineers with experience in the trading industry. Use the contact form below to apply if you feel you can add more value to our team.

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